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  • Weaver Frozen Chicken Patties Recalled
    About 39,000 pounds of Weaver brand chicken patty products have been recalled by Tyson Foods Inc. due to possible contamination with foreign matter.
  • Plague Concerns Close Parts of Wildlife Refuge
    Some areas of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge near Denver remain closed due to plague-infected prairie dogs.
  • A Fatty Meal Might Affect How You Absorb CBD
    Compared with fasting, the amount of CBD in the body was four times higher after the high-fat meal and the maximum amount in the blood was 14 times higher, the findings showed.
  • School Shootings and Lockdowns: How do Kids Cope?
    School shootings have become much more common occurrences in the 21st century. What affect are these events -- and the drills designed to protect kids from them -- having on America's children?
  • Are You an 'Extreme Early Bird'?
    In advanced sleep phase, your body clock (circadian rhythm) is on a schedule hours earlier than most other people's. You have premature release of the sleep hormone melatonin and shift in body temperature.

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