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  • Scientists Discover New Way Fat Harms Your Arteries
    The British researchers found that in heart disease patients who are obese, body fat surrounding the arteries tends to secrete high amounts of a protein called WNT5A. The protein, in turn, appears to have "toxic" effects within the blood vessels.
  • 530 Sick, 7 Dead from Mysterious Vaping Illnesses
    The 530 cases in 38 states and one territory include both confirmed and probable ones, said Anne Schuchat, MD, principal deputy director of the CDC. The seven deaths are from six states.
  • Back-to-School Sports Test
    Kids are getting ready for a new school year. When after-school activities include sports, they may need a pre-participation physical examination, which is different from the yearly physical exam you might be used to for your child.
  • Just 2 Weeks on the Couch Starts to Damage Your Body
    After two weeks of couch potato life, the study volunteers underwent a battery of testing. These results were compared to findings measured when the study started.
  • Are Personalized Diets Ready for Prime Time?
    Personalized diets use your own microbiome to outline the best foods for your own body. But not everyone is convinced they're the answer.

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