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  • Household Chemicals Harming Your Cat's Thyroid?
    Prior studies have suggested that high exposure to PFAS may negatively affect thyroid function in humans, and this new study finds that might also be true for people's four-legged companions.
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Adherence Varies by Race
    In the United States, even though black women are less likely to develop breast cancer than white women, they are 40 percent more likely to die from it, the researchers noted.
  • Insurance Companies Are Prime Targets for Hackers
    About 70 percent of all breaches occurred with health care providers, compared with only 13 percent of breaches taking place at health insurance companies, the study findings showed.
  • Can Fish Oil Cut Danger of High-Risk Heart Issues?
    The researchers focused on people whose cholesterol levels were controlled with statins, but whose triglyceride levels were still high. Because many smaller studies had not produced much evidence of any benefit in adding fish oil supplements to statin use, the hopes of heart experts were not high.
  • Antibiotics May Cure Appendicitis Without Surgery
    Most appendicitis cases are uncomplicated, which means the organ hasn't ruptured, so they can be treated with antibiotics. Only when the appendix looks like it may burst immediately is an operation necessary, according to a new study.

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